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Laser logo and branding

Many of our products display the R&P logo engraved by laser. We are proud of our products and our brand, and we like to spread the word by using our logo, so it becomes synonymous with our products and enters people’s psyche.

It makes sense for other businesses to be able to offer branded accessories and knickknacks as gifts, for sale, and as promotional products as well. So we offer a free custom logo service where we can laser engrave your company logo into almost any of our products. This is a great way to get the word out about your business, an event, or even a worthy cause.

As you have seen in our websites pages we often use black finishing to offset and contrast our wooden accessories natural colour, so it goes without saying that a crisp, sharp and detailed logo burnt black into a products surface just looks fantastic. So take advantage of this free service and get the buzz about your business on the go.



We take great care in packaging our products, so they arrive to you in perfect condition, and also so you can easily deliver purchased products to your clients. All items are individually bagged in their own drawstring bags (in sets where applicable). They are then packed in groups (4-6 cutting boards for example) in master boxes made from strong double face cardboard carton.