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R&P are looking for new international partners to expand our sales and exposure. We offer the complete package. The package includes an attractive and user-friendly website.

The package also includes high resolution professional photography, complete text and product descriptions, PDF catalogues, printed catalogues and other support material. As well as a product range that is fully developed and ready for marketing.

Complete technical support for the website and the products. New product research, development and addition to the website. Also, all website maintenance. We provide, as an option, a Google ad-words service for promotion.

What is great about this offer, is that it’s all small items which are easy to handle and dispatch. The products are in fashion, desirable, functional and artistic.

We can also develop products new products specific to your marketplace, and once development is finished and approved, these products will be delivered to you and added to the website.
We offer extremely fast turnaround.
After you decide to join us, your website can be up and running within a week or two, so you can start promotion and marketing. Your first products to sell can be with you in 8-12 weeks, depending on the shipping time to your location. We can send you samples even faster by air if you so require.