Teak end grain butchers block table 'Celine S'


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This is a solid and hard wearing butchers block table from Rico & Plato. The design is simple and elegant and would look fantastic in a modern setting, or even better next to your barbecue. The teak end grain wood with its small pores will ensure that this butchers block table will be able to handle heavy duty work for many years to come. Two little drawers on the site fit perfectly for 2 wooden bowls. This allows you to sweep your ingredients or waste into the handy bowls to be whisked away to the pot, or to the trash. Mounted on a sturdy powder coated steel black pair of legs, the end grain wood used for the butchers block is known for its strength and can withstand all blows and knife cuts. When struck it cuts in the direction of the wood fiber meaning that the cutting surface will not be chipped away or broken.

This model has a lacquered coating. The teak end grain cutting surface is super durable and the finish is food safe and easy to clean.
A modern looking butchers block that that will really create the wow factor in a kitchen, this butchers block will not let you down. As a chopping block, this butchers block table certainly makes the perfect BBQ companion.
Size chopping board. H: 16 cm D: 60 cm W: 60 cm
Table height 86cm

1: 4 Caster wheels
2. Magnetic Knife holder
3. Towel Holder


Teak end grain butchers block table 'Celine S'

⚫ All our end grain chopping boards are provided with the SVLK / V-Legal certificate, which complies with the latest EUTR rules in force since March 2013.

⚫ End grain finish

⚫ Eco-friendly | Sustainable

⚫ Gentle on knives to prevent dulling with use

⚫ Stain-resistant teak wood ensures your Rico & Plato cutting board will look great over time

⚫ Moisture-resistant

⚫ delivered with 2 wooden bowls

⚫ 2 powder coated steel black legs, delivered flat packed

⚫ Ideal for meal preparation.

⚫ No plastics used in the packing

Material Teak
Finish Food grade oil
Dimension (cm) 60cm x 60cm x 86cm
Shape Rectangular
Packing No
Note No
Note Each piece carries its own individual wood grain characteristics, therefore every single piece is unique.
Video No
specifications N/A

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