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Pizza end grain board 'Cilantro' leather handles

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Rico&Plato are famous for our end grain boards and our innovation. Here we mix it up by taking one of our end grain boards and putting some leather strap handles on it -turning it into a funky pizza board. Our end grain boards are made by gluing together a multitude of small blocks with super-strong epoxy resin that will never let go. Reliability is guaranteed. The end grain surfaces are super-tough and hardwearing so require a lot of sanding to achieve the super-smooth finish you see here. The leather of the handles is a natural variety known as “Crazy Horse” which ages beautifully and takes on it’s own persona and patina. The handles make the pizza laden board easy to grab and transport and the board itself is the best place to cut that pizza. An easy to apply and maintain mineral oil finish seals the board and keeps the wood looking fresh colors deep. Cool products for meal times are in abundance at Rico&Plato


Material Teak
Finish Food grade oil
Dimension (cm) 40cm x 40cm x 5cm
Shape Round
Packing No
Note Sizes can vary slightly as all these products are handmade
Note Each piece carries its own individual wood grain characteristics, therefore every single piece is unique.
Video No
specifications N/A


Product Care

All our products are well made and of the highest quality. To get the best usefulness, and longest life out of each of our different products, they must be cared for, and maintained. Different types and styles of products have different care and maintenance regimes, so click the link below to be taken the more detailed care page for the product displayed here.

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