• Soup ladle "Minestrone" ( +- 300ML )

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Soup ladle "Minestrone" ( +- 300ML )


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Minestrone Soup ladle Perhaps the biggest spoon in our collection so far, the Minestrone soup ladle will dole out generous portions of any soup or stew in no time at all. It is crafted by hand from one large, solid piece of teak and has an elegant swooping shape with a large bowl and a comfortable handle. Special care is needed to carve right down into the bottom of the bowl and once the carving is complete a diligent all over sanding is performed. This prepares the ladle for finishing with food-grade mineral oil, of which it receives several coats to penetrate the wood and seal the pores. An additional periodic wipe over with more mineral oil keeps the ladle in top condition as it develops its own patina through use. The final touch of a hole in the handle keeps the ladle stored out of the way but still in easy reach.



Material Teak
Finish Food grade oil
Dimension (cm) 41cm x 10cm x 7cm
Shape Irregular
Packing Per piece packed in a bag and carton box (No plastics are used)
Note Sizes can vary slightly as all these products are handmade
Note Each piece carries its own individual wood grain characteristics, therefore every single piece is unique.
Video No
specifications N/A

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